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Nov 30
Event information Graham's career has been spent working both in industry (BAE Systems - formerly British Aerospace) and academia (currently at the University of Gloucestershire).
Dec 1
You know that motivating your students, ensuring their best in exams and helping them relate their learning to real life can be a challenge.
Dec 8
SGCP Coaching Psychology Workshops & Conference 2016: Creating a new sustainability in uncertain times Thursday 8th & Friday 9th December 2016 at Holiday Inn London Bloomsbury
Dec 9
This workshop evolved to provide ongoing support for those working as supervisors by providing an open, peer group development forum. Delegates bring their own agendas for further exploration in supervision in groups.
Jan 4
Research into practice: Relevance and rigour This year’s
Jan 11
DECP Annual Conference 2017; Challenging Beliefs: Exposing Myths and Exploring Evidence Thursday 12th January 2017 - Friday 13th January 2017 at The Majestic Hotel, Harrogate
Feb 20
In partnership with School of Psychology, Queen’s University Belfast & Clinical Psychology Departments of the 5 Northern Ireland Health Trusts
Feb 23
Aims of the workshop:     To demonstrate the need for a shared method of describing behaviour change interventions     To describe the process of development of the Behaviour change Techniques Taxonomy (v1)  &n