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European Semester of Psychology 2018

The British Psychological Society is extremely proud that the UK has been chosen as a host for the European Semester of Psychology in 2018.

The European Semester of Psychology is aimed at creating a common space in which European psychologists can interact and communicate so as to foster the sharing and transmission of knowledge and expertise between members and, in turn, to stimulate the ongoing development of a truly European identity among psychologists across Europe.

During the six month period in which they play host to the European Semester, member countries are expected to organise numerous events and meetings, welcome visiting delegates and colleagues from other associations, and promote materials and information on both current and historical developments within psychology, both at home and abroad.

For more infromation about EFPA and the upcoming European Semester, please consult the tabs below.

Between January and July 2018 the BPS is hosting a number of events for the various divisions which make up the Society, each of which will consider how best to promote increased cooperation and collaboration with other associations across Europe.

The events currently confirmed to be taking place are:

In addition to the regular events being held we are also going to be hosting the following two events for EFPA at our London office:

  • EC EFPA Meeting

    ​25-26 April

  • Presidents Council Meeting

    27 April

To book accommodation for these events, please click here.

Further information regarding delegates and catering will be added shortly.

The European Federation of Psychologists' Associations (EFPA) exists to provide a forum for comunication and cooperation in a wide range of fields, including academic training, professional practice, and scientific research.

As an organisation EFPA currently represents over 300,000 psychologists, from 37 different member nations.


The British Psychological Society is one of 37 current members of EFPA, and the third largest in total.

As the representative body for psychologists in the UK we are responsible for the development, promotion, and application of psychology for the public good. 

For more information about the upcoming EU Semester please contact us at:


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