EuroPsy: Setting European Standards

The Society has been approved by the European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations (EFPA) to be the National Awarding Committee for the European Certificate in Psychology (EuroPsy).

EuroPsy is the European qualification standard for psychologists and is awarded by 35 countries across the continent.

Peter Banister, Chair of the National Awarding Committee said: “We are delighted to welcome the arrival of this new Society award.”

The Society’s requirements for Chartered Status meet the EuroPsy standard. Chartered Membership of the Society and/or registration with the Health Professions Council (HPC) are the requisites for applying for EuroPsy.

The award through the Society is quality-assured by committing applicants to abide by our Member Conduct Rules, Code of Ethics and/or the HPC’s requirements for registration.

Applicants must also meet the minimum European standard of six years of education and training before being awarded the certificate. Once approved psychologists will then enter onto the European Register, which requires revalidation every seven years.

The register enables the public to check the name, country and qualification of a psychologist.

Ingrid Lunt, Chair of the European Awarding Committee said: “The Society has demonstrated its support for a European standard of psychology education and training and we hope that Members will embrace the opportunity to have their qualifications recognised at this level”.

A number of members successfully applied for EuroPsy during the pilot phase that ran from 2007-2009. The transfer of these members to the European Register will take place as soon as EFPA has confirmed the arrangements. Members will then be informed shortly after.

There is now a transitional and a regular route to achieving EuroPsy and detailed information about the criteria and process for each can be found on our website.

For more information go to our EuroPsy webpage, otherwise contact Janet Vaughan or Alex Minshall in the Society’s Membership Team.