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Online Submissions have now closed

If you submitted an abstract via the online submission system you should receive a decision by mid-October. 

Additional submissions required

Get Involved

Bitesize sessions on Research and Practice Bitesize sessions are back for the DOP 2013 conference! Building on last year’s programe, we want to encourage the sessions to once again focus on connecting the latest insights in research and practice in an accessible, easily digestible format. And this year, we plan to do that in two directions through sessions in which:

  1. Practitioners in the field of Occupational Psychology present on what’s popular and innovative in their field, highlighting areas that are in need of research. This could be new processes and practices, or a particular demand for a certain service.
  2. Researchers in the field of Occupational Psychology present on the latest new insights and evidence coming from research, which can be translated into practice. This could be findings from desk research of the latest literature, or a new theoretical position based on sound evidence.

The purpose of our session is to create links between research and practice.  Our sessions give a snapshot of up-to-date issues, helping practitioners in maintaining good links to the evidence base for our field, and encouraging researchers to evaluate and investigate what is current in the market for our services.
Researchers please think about the latest developments that have big implications for practitioners.  Are there any schools of thought from the last few decades that have taken a radically new direction?  Any studies that have called into question previous wisdom? Are there any new research topics that practitioners graduating 5+ years ago may not have heard of? Is there anything that drives you mad when you hear that practitioners are still using it?
We’re also interested in hearing from a wide variety of practitioners, whatever your niche, from coaching to OD, assessment to ergonomics.  If you’re wondering whether to submit, ask yourself: “What do I do / see in practice that I think could benefit from research-based evaluation and scrutiny? Do I think this process has value and could benefit the field?  Does this practice concern me and I’d like support in challenging it more widely?”

If you’re not sure, do drop us a line with your ideas and we can give you some brief feedback before you go to the effort of a formal submission.

Format of submissions
If you would like to submit a bitesize session, keep in mind that your presentation should be 5-8 minutes maximum, with about 4 or 5 minutes for some brief discussion. So keep it short, specific, and snappy.

Please submit a 150-word summary of your proposed presentation by latest 30th September. All submissions should be emailed directly to [email protected].

Submissions will be evaluated based on their innovativeness, currency, genuineness of contribution to linking science and practice, and their potential interest to conference delegates.