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Celebrating the 200th edition of the Research Digest

To celebrate the 200th edition of the Research Digest, a group of psychologists have been invited to write about how psychology has come to their rescue, including Simon Baron-Cohen, Elizabeth Loftus and Chris French.

Since 2003 the Research Digest has reported on the latest findings in psychology. Starting out as a fortnightly e-newsletter, the Research Digest has evolved into a valuable psychology blog which is edited by Dr Christian Jarrett.

In 2010, the Research Digest won the Best Blog Psychology Award in the international Research Blogging Awards.

Packed full of summary posts, podcasts, interviews and gossip the Research Digest is ideal for students, lecturers and researchers who want to keep ahead of developments outside of their chosen specialism.

It also catches the eye of journalists and the general public, especially when controversial or surprising findings are reported. 

The Research Digest has been cited in a host of international publications and their associated blogs, including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Harpers, Wired UK and Psychologies, to name but a few.

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Following its success, the Occupational Digest was launched earlier this year. This blog continues with the ethos of providing accurate reports on important contributions in psychology, with the emphasis on sharing evidence that helps us understand the workplace. 

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