Supervisors and Supervision for the Qualification in Occupational Psychology (Stage 2)

In order to be a supervisor for the Society’s Qualification in Occupational Psychology (Stage 2) you must:

  • Be a Chartered Psychologist for at least two years prior to supervision
  • Be a full member of the Division of Occupational Psychology
  • Be registered with the HCPC (Health & Care Professions Council)
  • Attend the Society’s Approved Supervisor Training
  • Attend refresher training at least once every two years
  • Be on RAPPS (Register of Applied Psychology Practice Supervisors)*

* RAPPS – The Society will pay for your RAPPS application upon attendance of “Approved Supervisor” Training

Finding a Supervisor

Finding a supervisor can take time. It is important that you find a supervisor with whom you are professionally compatible and who you can meet with at least quarterly. 

There are two main resources you can use to help your search:

  • The RAPPS register (Register of Applied Psychology Practice Supervisors) – this register is a list of all psychologists eligible to supervise candidates. 
  • The list Supervisors Actively Seeking Candidates – this list contains the information of supervisors who have contacted the Qualifications Office to confirm that they are happy to take on additional candidates. 

If a supervisor needs help or guidance concerning a Trainee Occupational Psychologist then please refer to the Supervisors Handbook or contact the Qualifications Officer

Supervisors' Training Events

Supervisors are required to attend a training workshop at least once every two years in order to remain registered. Please see below for a list of upcoming events and a booking form. 

Additional Resources