Prospective Candidates (2012 Handbook)

Prospective Candidates

Please note that as of 1 January 2012 all candidates are enrolled under the 2012 handbook regulations. 

Basic information about the qualification

The Society’s Qualification in Occupational Psychology (QOccPsych (Stage 2)) is a Doctorate level qualification designed to give you the necessary post-graduate training in order to acquire Occupational Psychology Chartership and Chartered Membership with the Society. 

Occupational Psychologist is a title protected by the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).  In order to become an Occupational Psychologist and offer your services to the public you must have Chartered Membership and be registered with the HCPC. 

Whilst on the qualification you will undertake supervised practise in a relevant role. During this work placement you will be writing up entries on various topics which are assessed annually by our group of Occupational Psychology Assessors. 

Quick facts:

  • The qualification will take a minimum of two years. You will be working as a Trainee Occupational Psychologist during this period and writing up entries on the work you are undertaking.
  • You are required to submit 12 entries overall. You will need to submit at least one entry each year on a designated annual submission date. There is no limit to how many entries you can submit each year but a minimum of two years is required.
  • If you have done work that you believe could count towards the qualification before you enroll then you can submit this as an Application of Existing Competence (AEC). 
  • You can backdate your enrolment up to 6 months. This is assessed on a case by case basis and is not guaranteed.

Entry requirements

In order to enrol on the QOccPsych (Stage 2) you must:

You also need:

  • A contract with a co-ordinating supervisor (who meets the supervision criteria) covering the whole period of your enrolment on the qualification. Find more information on supervision and finding a supervisor.
  • To be completing a work placement that allows you to experience the relevant topics covered by the qualification. Find more information on the areas covered in the qualification.


Candidates must have a co-ordinating supervisor for the whole period of their enrolment on the qualification. Any work done without supervision cannot be counted towards completion. Finding a supervisor is the responsibility of the candidate.

Co-ordinating supervisors must:

Finding a supervisor can take time. As well as having the above criteria, it is important that your supervisor is professionally compatible with you and can meet you at least quarterly. 

There are two main resources the Society offers to help you in your search for a supervisor:

  • A list of supervisors actively seeking candidates – this list contains the information of supervisors who have recently (within this quarter) contacted the Qualifications Team to inform them of their availability to prospective candidates. 
  • The Register of Applied Psychology Practise Supervisors (RAPPS) which is a list of all current supervisors. This list contains supervisors whose books may be full or may otherwise not be seeking further candidates. 

Enrolment application

Candidates who meet the entry requirements can formally enrol on the QOccPsych (Stage 2). Print off, complete  and post us all the relevant information using the documentation below:

Please ensure that you complete these forms clearly and legibly preferably using black ink and block capitals. 

As well as completing the above documentation we will need:

  • Proof of your Masters (the original certificate or a certified transcript)
  • A Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Enhanced Certificate (formally CRB check)
  • Full fee payment before the completion of your enrolment (find out more)

To ensure your enrolment is dealt with efficiently, please send all of documentation at the same time. The address is:

FAO: Occupational Psychology Registrar

Qualifications Team

British Psychological Society

St Andrews House

48 Princess Road East



Once your application has been received, the qualifications officer will go through your documentation to check that everything is present and correct. If there is any information missing, you will be contacted by email. 

Once your documents are checked, the qualifications officer will contact your appointed referees by post. 

When your referees have returned their references – with original signatures – the qualifications officer will send your application to the Registrar for approval. 

The Registrar will write to you formally to confirm your enrolment and you will receive an enrolment pack. 

It is hard to predict how long this process takes as it is largely dependent on how quickly your referees return their references to us. However once your references are received the process usually takes up to 2 weeks to confirm your enrolment. 

Accreditation for Existing Competence (AEC)

If you have already acquired some post-Masters supervised experience then you may be able to apply for Accreditation for Existing Competence (AEC). 

Usually this experience has to be under the supervision of a Chartered Psychologist who is a full member of the Division of Occupational Psychology (DOP) and who is registered with the HCPC as a Practitioner Psychologist, 

This experience cannot include work carried out before, or included in,  any Masters work you have undertaken. 

For further information and application documents see below:

If you have any queries regarding an AEC application contact the qualifications officer. 

Fees and funding

Fees for 2014

Some employers offer a full, or partial, sponsorship for candidates to undertake the QOccPsych (Stage 2). For more information talk to the relevant manager or HR representative in your workplace.

There are currently no external sponsorships available for the QOccPsych (Stage 2). 

If you are on a low income and receiving a means-tested benefit you may be eligible for a partial fee waiver normally 25%, 50% or 75%. Please speak to the qualifications office for further details. 

It is possible to arrange for your Annual Maintenance Fee to be paid in monthly instalments by Direct Debit. For more information please contact the qualifications office for the application form.

There are three main fees to pay:

  • Enrolment fee – this fee is payable once at the beginning of your enrolment. It covers you for the first year of the qualification. 
  • Annual maintenance fee – this fee is payable once a year, starting a year from the start date of your enrolment. 
  • Annual submission fee – this fee is payable once a year in conjunction with the annual maintenance fee and covers your submission costs. This is paid every year when you submit and is paid only once, covering all entries submitted in that period. 

There are two other fees that may be payable depending on your circumstance:

  • Accreditation of existing competence fee – This fee is payable if you make a application for Accreditation of Existing Competence (AEC) and is paid once, with your enrolment, and covers as many entries as you make with your application. 
  • Re-submission fee  - This fee is payable if any entries you submit are rejected after assessment. If you choose to resubmit before your next Annual Submission date then you will need to pay the resubmission fee. You can submit resubmissions alongside annual submissions on your given date for no extra cost. 


The Occupational Psychology Qualifications Board run a number of events for prospective candidates, current candidates and supervisors. 

Prospective candidates can attend open days –events where you can meet the team, learn more about the qualification and ask any questions you may have. 

Current candidates can attend networking events –events where you can meet other candidates, supervisors and the team. 

Supervisors can attend refresher training and networking events.