Health Psychology

The Society offers a Qualification in Health Psychology Stage 2 (QHP Stage 2). This consists of structured and assessed supervised practice and the demonstration of competence in health psychology through a portfolio of evidence and viva voce (oral examination).

The QHP (Stage 2) is the alternative route to completion of Stage 2 training for those who choose not to or are unable to attend a Society-accredited Stage 2 training programme in health psychology based at a university. 

If you want to practice as a Health Psychologist in the UK, the award of the QHP (Stage 2) will mean you are able to apply for Chartered Membership of the Society, Full membership of the Division of Health Psychology and you will also be eligible to apply for registration with the Health and Care Profession Council (HCPC) as a Health Psychologist. Only by registering with the HCPC, the statutory regulator, are you able to use the protected title Health Psychologist.

It may be possible to register with the HCPC as a Health Psychologist by undertaking a different training route.  For further details about the full range of training routes which confer eligibility to apply for registration with the HCPC, please contact the HCPC. 

Please note that some routes leading to HCPC registration will not lead to eligibility for Chartered Membership of the Society or Full membership of the Division of Health Psychology.  In order to ensure that you are eligible for these grades of membership when you have completed your training please ensure that you follow a Society-accredited training route.  If you have any queries in this regard please contact the Qualifications Office.

Please note that we will no longer be accepting enrolment applications under the February 2012 Handbook after 30 June 2015, please use the the January 2015 version instead. 

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