2014 CPD Directory

The 2014 Learning and Professional Development Directory is now available.

Download the 2014 Directory.

The 2014 Directory is the fifth edition of the Society's Learning and Professional Development publication. This edition contains more joint workshops from the Society's Member Networks than previous versions. 

Dr Richard Mallows, President of the Society, said: “We are delighted that nearly all of our member networks are now engaged with the development of the 2014 programme and for the first time the Society's Sections are included. As a result the programme provides an even wider range of CPD topics than before, providing members with a greater opportunity for cross-discipline activities and networking. 

There will be additional new courses developed for the CPD programme throughout the year and you can keep up-to-date on the Society's website www.bps.org.uk/findcpd or read our Events Update which is emailed to members monthly. 

This annual CPD programme continues to demonstrate the Society's commitment to providing members with varied and up-to-date professional development opportunities. I hope you enjoy as many of them as you can."