Useful accreditation documents

This is a gateway to documents that relate to the accreditation through partnership process.

Our processes

The handbooks below outline the accreditation processes we operate. They apply to first qualifications, Masters, Doctorates and post-qualification awards and should be read in conjunction with the relevant programme-specific standards documents and questionnaires, which are available below.

Accreditation of new programmes (pdf) 
Preparing for a paper-based review (pdf; first qualifications in psychology only) 
Preparing for a partnership visit (pdf)
Preparing for an international partnership visit (pdf) 

First qualifications in psychology

Undergraduate, conversion and integrated Masters programmes in psychology

Postgraduate programmes

Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner training programmes

International accreditation

The Society's accreditation process is open to all UK education providers and covers both provision that is delivered in the UK, and courses that are primarily or entirely outside of the UK. Find out more

Additional guidance

Information for students

Guidance for providers



Contact us

If you have any queries about the above documents or require further assistance, contact the Partnership and Accreditation Team (PACT).