Counselling psychology

Handbook (2013/14)

Accreditation handbook - counselling psychology programmes (pdf)

Note: The Society is currently in the process of reviewing its standards for postgraduate programme accreditation. A new handbook will be available in September 2014, containing the revised standards which will be in operation with effect from the 2014/15 academic year. We will publish interim revised standards in April 2014 on this page, together with a plan for their implementation by existing accredited programmes.

New programmes: Any new programmes applying for accreditation will be evaluated under the existing (2013/14) standards but will be asked to consider the revised standards and produce an action plan outlining processes and timescales for responding to these as part of their visit documentation (visits will normally take place in 2014/15). Any changes that programmes put in place to enable them to achieve the revised standards will need to have been introduced ahead of the 2016/17 cohort commencing their studies.


Suggested visit timetable

Suggested timetable for a joint BPS partnership and HCPC approval visit (pdf)
Suggested timetable for a one-day partnership visit to a Doctoral programme (pdf) 
Suggested timetable for a partnership visit involving multiple programmes (pdf)

Suggested questions

Questions that teams might ask at a partnership visit (pdf)

Documents for reviewers

If you cannot find the document you need, contact the Partnership and Accreditation Team (PAcT).