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Looking forward to a happy, fulfilling and satisfying 2016

The year ahead is going to be very exciting indeed and, following on from our General Assembly in Leicester, I’m now looking ahead to:

  • even greater collaboration and cooperation between the Sections and between Sections and other member networks;
  • a new democratic governance structure and executive function with, I hope, a proportionally representative, decision making, policy making Senate;
  • greater autonomy for the three existing national Branches and, hopefully, a new English Branch; and greater, possibly collegiate, cooperation and collaboration between and across Divisions and Special Groups.

As I have said before, never has there been a more exciting time, in recent years at least, to be a psychologist.

Also in the diary are the DOP Conference in Nottingham and the DECP Conference in London, both this month, the Inclusivity Event in Birmingham in February, the Scottish Branch event in Edinburgh in January, the Welsh Branch event in Cardiff, Open Community Psychology Conference in Birmingham and the NIBPS 50th Anniversary Conference in March and, of course, a DCP 50th Anniversary in Westminster and, of course, our very own BPS Annual Conference in April.

We are also hoping to sign new International agreements with the Icelandic, New Zealand and Swedish Psychology Associations and shall be working much more closely with a number of UK Associations including the BACP, BPC and UKCP, along with building on our associations with BABCP, Mind, Rethink, MHF, CMH and the RCPsych.

So – exciting times for the Society and, I hope exciting times for all of us as we continue to grow and develop as psychologists, both individually and collectively.

May I wish each and every one of you a really happy, fulfilling and satisfying 2016.