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Denouncing the classification of LGBT orientations as mental illnesses

The Indonesian flagAt the start of the month the Society denounced the reported proposal by the Indonesian Psychiatric Association to classify lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender sexual and gender identities (LGBT) as mental illnesses.

Professor Elizabeth Peel, who is chair of our Psychology of Sexualities Section, said:

“People of same-sex sexual orientations including lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and non-normative gender identities and all other non-heterosexual sexual orientations should be regarded as equal members of society.

"This includes freedom from harassment or discrimination in any sphere, and a right to protection from therapies that purport to change or ‘convert’ sexual orientation or gender identity."

The Society has a strong record of recent action on LGBT issues.

In 2013 we published a position statement which clearly opposes any psychological psychotherapeutic or counselling treatment or interventions and in 2014 a group of UK psychological professions, including the Society, and the charity Stonewall, published a consensus statement denouncing conversion therapy.